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SCM Development was established in 2005. The Company performs complete project cycle: from  land plot selection and concept development to facility commissioning. The Company offers maintenance services, brokerage and leasing relationship management as well. Key activity area of the Company: 

  • land development;
  • construction project management;
  • property management.

If you have any questions, you can contact Mr. Anton Meschryakov, CFO, via email  Mesheryakov@scm.ru   or our telephone number +7(343)376-28-39,  fax +7(343)376-28-41.

Yekaterinburg, Akademicheskaya str. 18
Phone +7 (343) 376-28-39; +7 (343) 376-28-40; Fax +7 (343) 376-28-41
E-mail: scmd@scm.ru

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